80 calories

4.0% ABV



what is hard seltzer?

Wavee is a low-sugar, low-carb natural alcoholic sparkling water with only 90 calories, a.k.a. hard seltzer.

Brewed from organic pure alcohol, natural Australian fruit flavours and sparkling water, Wavee is the perfect companion for those thirsty sundowner sessions.

Made with all natural ingredients, Wavee Hard Seltzer is the ideal drink to enjoy, giving you the buzz without the bloat, teeth cracking sugar and nasty stuff.

Put simply – it’s clean, natural, with nothing between the lines.

Our Flavours



Tropical, juicy and deliciously drinkable – with this crowd-pleaser in the esky, summer rides all year long


Tangy, tart and subtly sweet, the perfect burst for any seaside sunset — and without the teeth-cracking sugar


our story

Back in 2019, three thirsty friends sat on a beach, wanting a drink that wasn’t as heavy as beer, wasn’t as sweet as a margarita, and was brewed on the shores of Australia’s own beaches. 

We got trialing in our kitchen in a scene that looked like something out of Breaking Bad, eventually creating the perfect taste profile we knew everyone would love. Something refreshingly different. A beverage that had all the flavour without all the calories, carbs and sugars. One that suited the energetic, active and passionate lifestyle that embodies us all in Australia.

As a majority female owned business in a male dominated industry, we knew we had to one up the competition. So we instilled the help of some amazing creatives to help develop an awesome brand we know you’ll love. One that we’re confident anyone can feel proud to cheers with. A drink you might crack open after a long day, or just enjoy strolling down the beach listening to the evening waves crash.

At 4.0% ABV, 1g sugar, 1g carbs and only 80 calories, Wavee is your guilt-free good time.

get ready to ride the wavee!